Hard Water Removal


Daily Exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, misdirected sprinkler heads,  and Acid rain can cause hard water spots to form on glass.  This type of water is full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, metal cations, and compounds such as sulfates and bicarbonates. They are a good way for people to get their intake of minerals; however, after water evaporates on windows and other surfaces, they often leave mineral deposits, also known as hard water spots or lime-scale. When “hard water” contacts glass, it can form water spots that are unsightly and hard to get rid of. These spots can even cause irreparable damage to your windows if you don’t get rid of them quickly. The cost of stain removal is much less than the cost of glass replacement . If addressed soon enough, many of these deposits can be removed with relative ease (usually by hand) and rather inexpensively as compared to the cost of an extensive glass restoration project. This is because the stains are on the surface of the glass. Left untreated, however, these deposits will eventually chemically bond with the glass, requiring removal of its top layer in order to restore the glass to an acceptable condition. This process (usually a combination of chemicals and high-speed buffers) can be quite labor intensive, and is more expensive than standard stain removal.


Our Technician are extensively trained in hard water removal. We use a line of commercial and residential cleaning products containing non-chemical, non-acidic based cleaning ingredients.


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